Large Screens Are Not Indestructible

Newer Devices Do Not Necessarily Mean More Resilience

Newer devices when it comes to smartphones offer a world of difference from some of their older versions. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, for instance, offer features that older models like the iPhone 4 just don’t have. A person who has limited vision, for instance, could use these models thanks to technological advancements such as Siri. The screen is larger, which is great because it’s easier to see and use, but it is also more prone to breaking. There are videos on YouTube that show people attempting to break the screen of the iPhone 6 – which isn’t something anyone should deliberately try to do – but it reveals that it is in fact possible to damage, just like any other phone.

Research Shows…

SquareTrade (a protection plan provider) did a study that revealed the iPhone 5S screen is more likely to break than the iPhone 5 screen. They tested the device based on various factors that included weight, size and of course, materials. Based on their tests, they did find that some newer models were more likely to suffer from broken screens than older ones. SquareTrade also found that iPhone 4 screens broke 80 plus percent more than the iPhone 3GS screen.

The Reason?

It looks like the more glass, the more room there is for damage to occur. When the surface area of glass is doubled, it makes sense that there is a higher chance of the screen breaking.

Regardless of the fact that some of the newer screens are bigger and have more room for damage, they are still designed in an incredible way with top-notch technology and expertise. But just remember, even if you are buying a newer smartphone that is said to be “indestructible” or “ultra-resilient” it can still break just like anything else. Having a local repair shop in mind is always a good idea for fast screen repairs.

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