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Q1. How long does it take to fix a cracked iPad screen?

Depending on the amount of damage and how bad the shatter is on your iPad screen, the repair process takes anywhere from 45 minutes to about an hour.

Q2. What models of the iPad do you fix?

We fix all models including the iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPad Air and even the iPad 1st Generation!

Q3. What types of screens do you use?

We use the same quality screen as you have now. We are unable to use a thicker screens due to the form fitting factor of the iPad. This will cause the glass to bulge from the frame and crack easier than it originally had.

Q4. The corners of my iPad are dented from the fall, can you fix this?

We are able to replace the entire frame of your iPad if need be; however, that is usually costly. We have special tools in our location that allow us to bend the frame back into the original shape (as best as we can) so that the screen fits properly and it does not incur a heavy fee on your repair as well.

Q5. I cracked the glass on my iPad and the digitizer stopped working as well, can this be fixed?

Yes, when we replace the glass on your iPad we are replacing the touch portion of the glass as well. So the touch screen will start working again, once the glass repair is complete.

Q6. What if I cannot see an image anymore but my glass is fine?

What you need to replace is the LCD portion of your screen. This will allow your iPad to project a proper image once again, and prevent you from needing a costly replacement device.

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New York iPad Repair

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