iPad Air 3 Speculation

If you are excited for the iPad Air 3, then you are amongst a crowd of many, many people. There are dozens of rumors being thrown around regarding its much-anticipated arrival. According to generally reliable sources, here is what people are speculating:

There might be a thinner design. Since the iPad Air 2 was the thinnest tablet produced by Apple, it would seemingly make sense that the iPad Air 3 would be even thinner. This makes for easier portability, of course, and is something that users tend to appreciate tremendously. Of course, with the bending problems reported with the iPhone 7 Plus, this is something that the company would have to be careful of. The thinner the device, the higher the likelihood that it will have the ability to bend. Maybe this is something that is being looked into. Who knows? Hopefully it is, because no one wants to end up with a broken tablet.

There might be a new operating system – the iOS 9! This is being speculated by multiple sources.

There will probably be improved memory. This is a consistent improvement amongst newly released devices. More efficiency when it comes to memory is always a good thing.

These are just some potential changes that might come along with the iPad Air 3. People are excited about it and rightfully so. It is sure to show improvements and hopefully the bending problem that other newly released devices are facing will be resolved.

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