Why some Customers might not like the Curved Screen on the Samsung Note Edge

For many, getting a new and updated phone is a highlight, and for companies it can be a necessity to continue functioning at optimum capacity. This leaves many wondering if the new Samsung Note Edge with the curved screen is worth the extra money. The hype has certainly made it seemed like its curved screen is the way that all cell phones will go but is it true?

First to note is that the Note Edge has a lot of the same characteristics as its predecessor the Galaxy Note 4. The only real difference is the new curved display and a smaller battery pack. It does however have a different UI called a Revolving Interface that will cycle through as needed and will hide when users select a full screen app. The curved display also allows you to store your favorites along the side of the phone making them easier to access.

Despite the increased ease of app use, the phone itself is a problem. The display is made of the same AMOLED as the previous version but the screen design makes it more difficult to hold during phone calls. The curved design makes it easy to accidentally push and launch an app. For businesses that rely on phone calls this can be detrimental. It also means that the phone is more likely to slip out of the hand and be damaged. Repair and replacement can add up quickly.

The curved design also means that left handers are out of luck. The new model seems to have been created specifically for the right handed. While there is a setting that allows the phone to be flipped 180 degrees, this means when you receive a phone call you’ll always have to remember to flip the phone right side up or you’ll be talking into the earpiece instead of the mouthpiece.

The new Note Edge display also causes problems with the camera app. The cameras themselves are fine but the shutter button is embedded in the curve of the display making it awkward to press. Many have noted that they feared dropping the phone while trying to use it and instead opted to use the volume button on the side for photo taking.

While the new design is unique and interesting it doesn’t seem to add up to the hype. The new screen feature appears to make the phone difficult to use and only increases the chance of dropping.

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