Rumors About the Next iPhone – Will it Be The 7?

Excitement is Starting to Build Up

Every time a new Apple device comes out, it is surrounded by a lot of excitement. This is rightfully so, because the crew at this technological-mastermind-sort-of company never fails to amaze with the awesome new features they somehow come up with, and their manipulation of technology. Originally believed that an iPhone 6S might be announced to the public, many are now speculating that the device would be too advanced to merely be called the 6S.

How so?

Supposedly, it will utilize different touch technology, in which the user’s finger is able to decide how big the pressure is that is being exerted. This would make interacting with the interface somewhat different, offering perhaps more control to users. It should come in different sizes, too, probably in the ballpark of 5 plus inches. Of course, this is only rumored information, and sources are saying things like, “We don’t know a ton of information, but we know that we want it” – and this seems to be something everyone can agree with.

A September unveil date is expected for this one because typically new devices are brought to light in the fall – again though, this is all speculation. Regardless of what the new iPhone brings, it is sure to impress users. Apple never seems to fail in this area. Get excited and start saving up – the next iPhone model is sure to be awesome.

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