Most Common Cell Phone Problems seen at Repair Shops

Everyone that owns a cellphone understands how prone to problems they can be. We take them everywhere with us so damage and malfunction is to be expected from a device that has to be nearly indestructible. Repair shops see phones day in and day out, many with the same problems.

The single most common repair that shops will see is a broken glass. Cracked cell phone screens come from a variety of causes including being dropped or smashed. Dropping being the number one suspect. This clearly the easiest repair to diagnose and the only way to fix it is to fully replace it. You can continue to use the phone through the cracked glass but it is not advised as it could contain sharp edges and over time it can cause other malfunctions with your phone. The best plan is to simply get it fixed as soon as you can.

One of the other common repairs is the home button. Let’s face it, many of us are a bit heavy handed with our button pushing and over time this wears out the buttons on the phone. Having a faulty home button can make using your phone frustrating and often – impossible. There are a few ways in which you can diagnose if you need an actual specialist to repair the button. First is to check and see if something has been spilt on the phone. Sticky sodas and other food items can cause issues. If there is something on the phone you can remove it with a cotton swab and alcohol. If that doesn’t solve the problem you can attempt to recalibrate your phone, sometimes a reset will fix the problem. If none of that works it’s time to consider repair.

We all know someone that has somehow managed to drop their phone in the toilet. Water damage is an extremely common repair. Unfortunately, water damage can cause critical problems with the internal workings of your phone. To try and save your phone, make sure to remove the battery as quickly as possible so that it may be saved from the damage. Place the phone into a bowl of rice overnight so that the rice can draw the moisture out. In the morning check your phone for dryness and then cross your fingers and hope it turns on. If none of that helped seemed to help, take it to be repaired and hope it hasn’t suffered irreparable damage.

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