Enjoy Using a Pen Rather Than Your Finger?

Larger Screens Reign Supreme!

If you are a smartphone user who is really conscious of germs or who just prefers to not use their finger on their screen, then new devices boasting larger screens might be your best bet. There is a lot of hype surrounding the bigger screens that smartphones, tablets and phablets are coming out with, and they don’t merely benefit those who struggle with poor eyesight.

Devices You Should Consider

The Samsung Galaxy S5 offers plenty of space for you to write on with your pen. The S5 actually has a 5.1 inch screen. Travel often? Consider a phablet like the LG G Flex Phablet, which allows for plenty of room to write with its 6 inch screen. This is great for those who like to jot down notes on the go, but want something that is still small enough to carry around without being annoying.

Other Benefits

The iPhone 5s, 5c, 6 and 6 Plus boast great voice recognition software. This incredible feature allows users who are unable to see their screen or to type, to enjoy their device and keep in touch with friends and family in a convenient way. So, these devices with big screens have big things to offer, aside from the simple ability to use a pen rather than your fingers. Check them out if you haven’t yet done so. You won’t be disappointed.

Model numbers with larger screens include but are of course not limited to – 5c (A1532, A1456), 6 (A1549, A1586), 5s (A1533, A1433), and 6 plus/6 + (A1522, A1524). Do a search online or talk with your carrier to get everything that you need out of your device. And trust that if you prefer to use a pen, you have plenty of options.

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