Common iPhone Problems

Something Wrong? You’re Probably Not Alone

There are some problems that seem to be consistent with iPhones, and some of the issues span across various models. From screens that freeze to batteries that won’t charge, there is always some sort of issue that seems to come up. So what are some of the most common ones?

Battery Problems

iOS updates have notoriously affected the iPhone 5 battery life. But, the battery can prove problematic even if you don’t download the latest software updates. What can you do? Some quick tips include making sure that any apps which aren’t in use are closed out of; the screen brightness should be turned down if possible; the device shouldn’t be left on a charger for long periods of time after it reaches a 100% charge; and if apps can be deleted because they are merely taking up space, then they should be.

Frozen Screen

If your screen keeps freezing, this could indicate a possible problem with the LCD. Luckily, you have options like third party repair shops to help you for a fair price.

Unstable WiFi

You might notice yourself having an unstable WiFi connection consistently. One thing you can try is a factory reset, and you can also try replacing your router.

For all problems, there are solutions, and these are just some of the most common issues people with iPhones tend to complain about. If you are dealing with any of them, or something else, speak with your provider because the fix might be quite simple.

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